Divine Mercy College
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School Routines


Our policies at Divine Mercy College reflect our desire for every child to have a safe and enjoyable learning experience. Full details of school policies can be downloaded from the school website.


All students must attend daily.When absent through sickness or because of unavoidable circumstances, a child has to present a note (signed by the parent) to the teacher on the day of return. In the case of prolonged illness, parents should contact the school early and a medical certificate may be required. Attendance at school is a parental responsibility and a legal requirement for children 15 years and less. Students who arrive late for Tute are to report directly to their tute. At all other times, latecomers must report to the House Centre.
When students fail to present an absentee note, parents will be contacted.

Years 11 & 12

New Regulations regarding Year 12 allow for students to be excluded for unsatisfactory attendance.Parents can ring the school after 10 a.m. each day to ascertain whether their child is in class. Simply mention to the telephonist that you wish an attendance check. Spot checks, by ringing parents on the day of an absence will occur when time allows.


Parents are asked to telephone the school on the morning that a student is expected to be absent. Please phone 9417 3267 to assist the school to keep a careful check on absences.
Parents are asked to provide a note authorising the absence when the child returns to school.
Students who need to leave school grounds
1. Students who need to leave the school grounds require a permission slip obtainable from a office. THESE NOTES SHOULD BE PROCURED BEFORE SCHOOL FROM MRS RAFFEALE.
2. Leaving the school grounds without written permission is a serious breach of school rules.


After 8:45am students are to go to the Chapel for a morning pray.
After 9.00am students are to go to their homeroom.