Divine Mercy College
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School Rules

School rules also apply to school events

1. Students must obey instructions given by a teacher.

2. Students may not leave the school grounds during school hours, or an excursion or camp, without the signed permission of a Deputy Principal. An authorising note from a parent must be presented by the student if he or she wishes to leave school.

3. Students may not enter teaching areas without a teacher being present.

4. Smoking, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or being in possession of related items during school hours or at school functions is a serious breach of school rules and will result in suspension or exclusion. Any student who provides or sells drugs to another will be referred to the police.

5. Food and drink must not be taken on to the oval or into classrooms.

6. Students are not to enter the car parks or bicycle racks during school hours.

7. Students who arrive late to school must secure a late note and will not be admitted to class without one.

8. Students are not to bring electronic equipment eg. radios, tape recorders, walkman radios or CD players, mobile telephones, skate boards, laser lights or valuables, such as expensive toys, to school. Any of the former will be confiscated and returned to parents. Students who need to bring musical instruments or sporting gear to school do so at their own risk.

9. Students are not to interfere with another person or person's property. Bullying and fighting are strictly forbidden.

10. Students may be banned from attending special school functions such as excursions, camps, sporting events, socials or the School Ball if they have repeatedly broken school rules or lost Good Standing and therefore proven themselves to be untrustworthy.

11. Students are not to encourage outsiders to enter the property and are to report any such incidents to the teacher on duty.

12. Chewing gum must not be consumed at school or brought to school.

13. Students are not to congregate outside the school premises before school or after school.

14. All students are to wear approved school dress each day. This includes all upper school examination periods including WACE exams.

15. Students are not to arrive at school before 8.00am except when a student has a teacher scheduled. In the latter cases, students are to report directly to the supervising teacher.