Divine Mercy College
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Year 8 Physics

  • Energy appears in different forms including movement (kinetic energy), heat and potential energy, and causes change within systems. Calculations of energy.
  • Investigating different forms of energy in terms of the effects they cause, such as gravitational potential causing objects to fall and heat energy transferred between materials that have a different temperature.
  • Recognise that heat energy is often produced as a by-product of energy transfer, such as brakes on a car and light globes.
  • Identifying different forms of heat transfer through a medium, such as conduction and convection, and the form in which heat travels through empty space as electromagnetic waves.
  • Analysing methods of energy conservation around the home.

Year 9 Physics

Exploring how the movement of energy varies according to the medium through which it is transferred, for example the speed of light in air, water and other mediums.

  • Exploring situations where energy is transferred in the form of waves, such as sound and light.
  • Investigating reflection, refraction and absorption of light energy.
  • Measurements, experiments and calculations involving wave energy, including wavelength, frequency and amplitude.
  • Investigating how the human body receives light waves and the structure of the eye.