Divine Mercy College
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Music is an integral part of school life at Divine Mercy College.  Weekly Classroom Music is offered from Pre-Primary to Year 7.  Students in Years 3-7 learn to play the recorder.  All students study Music during class time. The program centres on singing and movement, listening, creating, playing percussion instruments, performing in groups and learning the art of composition. 

Thinking musically is encouraged, and skills in reading and using symbols to convey musical ideas are developed. Music plays a dynamic role in fostering self-expression, teamwork and leadership.  Music furthermore plays an important role in our school curriculum with the featuring of choral and instrumental performances at school assemblies, special occasions and concerts.

Throughout each year, opportunities arise that enable the whole school to appreciate different forms and styles of music. These performances vary, depending on what is available each year, but can include events such as:

  • Musical Incursions (various performance groups)

  • Lunchtime Concerts - Showcases the many talented Primary and High School students in our school who present wonderfully entertaining performances. These occur once a term.

  • Christmas Concert - a whole school assembly incorporating acting, singing and narration of Christmas based performances.

We also provide many opportunities for our own students to perform, such as:
  • Primary School Choir

    Students in Years 4 to 7 have the opportunity to participate in the School Choir. Students are taught fun and interesting songs. Rehearsals are held after school once a week and performance opportunities are numerous. The choir performs to a high standard every year in the Children Sing Music Festival, which is held annually at the UWA Octagon Theatre. Choir members also perform at weekly School Masses, Confirmation Masses, and other events that may occur during the year. When the opportunity arises, the Choir performs at retirement homes, in shopping malls for Christmas celebrations, and wherever they are wanted!

  • High School Choir

Students in Years 8-12 get an opportunity to sing at School Masses every fortnight and at the Year 12 Graduation ceremony.

Instrumental Tuition

Individual Instrumental Music Tuition is offered as an option for interested students in Years 4-7.  Lessons are available for Piano and Guitar and occur once a week during school hours.
Finally, basic Keyboard and Guitar tuition is offered to Year 8-10 students.  These occur as group sessions.