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LOTE: Japanese

Year 8


The world is a language-rich place. In fact, 94 percent of the world's population, (or about 6.15 billion people), currently speak a language other than English. An important part of being a responsible world citizen in the 21st century is to be able to manage sensitive, effective communication and the transfer of knowledge across languages and cultures. Through learning languages students can understand and value their own culture and the cultures of other people so that they can view the world from a wider perspective. They develop tolerance, understanding and come to appreciate those different to themselves.

Australia's economic, cultural and education contact with Japan has assumed even greater importance over the last few years and thus the need for Australians who are equipped with appropriate language skills and inter-cultural awareness is paramount. Effective Japanese language programs in schools lay the foundation for young students to develop their skills and understanding. The study of Japanese can help to broaden future career opportunities, expand the learner's cultural horizons and contribute to peaceful negotiations with our close neighbours.

Course Outline

This course builds on the foundation laid in Year 7 Japanese and enables students to develop confidence to use the Japanese language to communicate through speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students will also develop a greater understanding of the culture through the themes of school life.

As students study how to speak Japanese they will also be learning how to: appreciate their own culture and that of others, be a blessing to people with a background different to their own and connect with people through speaking in their language and learning to respect their customs.

Year 9-10

This course builds on the foundation laid in Year 8 Japanese and enables students to develop strong skills in a variety of forms of communication. The course focuses specifically on the following outcomes of the Languages Learning Area:

  • Listening, Responding and Speaking
  • Viewing, Reading and Responding
  • Writing
  • Cultural Understanding.

The study of Language reminds us that the Lord calls His people from, and to, the nations. Successful communication requires both linguistic and cultural competence and studying another language enables us a privileged insight into another culture's beliefs and values. In our increasingly globalised society, and with the strong economic ties between Australia and Japan, there will be a continual demand for people with excellent Japanese language skills and intercultural awareness across all sectors.

Course Outline

In Year 9 Japanese the students will cover the following topics:

  • Teenage Life
  • School Life
  • Japanese traditional and modern culture.

In addition they will be required to master the second written alphabet Katakana, and some topic specific Kanji.

Throughout the course students will discover the language, customs and culture of Japan.