Divine Mercy College
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The Year 8 English program focuses on covering the four key outcomes of Listening and Speaking, Viewing, Reading and Writing. The content area for Year 8 is designed to help students master the difficult task of learning to write in different styles for different purposes. The content is divided into five main teaching areas of English: Non-fiction (Term One), Fiction (Term Two), Drama (Term Three) and Media- Poetry (Term 4). The textbook “Essential English Skills for the Australian Curriculum” will be used throughout the year to improve skills in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary.


In year 8, students will study the period of history from the end of the ancient period to the beginning of the modern period; a span of human history marked by significant economic, religious and political change. The topics students will study in Year 8 include:

Term 1: Medieval Europe

Term 2: The Black Plague

Term 3: Japan under the Shoguns

Term 4: The Renaissance

Each unit is designed to build student knowledge, understanding and skills and uses an inquiry based approach. Students will learn how to sequence historical events, examine conflicting points of view and how to communicate specific findings about the past.


The History Course in Year 9 reflects the outcomes of the Australian curriculum. Students will explore the making of the Modern World from 1750 to 1918; an era of industrialism, nationalism and imperialism. The topics studied in Year 9 include:

Term 1: Making a Nation

Term 2: Industrial Revolution

Term 3: Asia and the World

Term 4: World War 1

In this course, students will develop their capacity for historical inquiry and their ability to employ creative and critical thinking.