Divine Mercy College
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Art plays am important role in our society, and artists through their creations have influenced and inspired many people, The purpose of art is often to express the important ideas and beliefs of a culture as well as the thoughts and feelings of an individual.

The Visual Arts program is delivered with an emphasis on contemporary art practice involving the exploration and development of ideas and feelings using a range of skills, knowledge of techniques and processes. The diverse course offerings in Art provide students with a platform to express and communicate life experiences with an emphasis on imagination, originality and creative reasoning.

Students will have the opportunity to develop their appreciation of the elements of art and principles of Art & Design like, line, form, value, texture, balance.

Through an exciting and stimulating program students are introduced to new skills as well as building on skills learned in earlier years. They create two- and three-dimensional projects which encourage individual exploration and interpretation, selected from a combination of drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking or ceramics.

The course is enriched with exposure to artists, exhibitions, art workshops and drawing field trips.