Divine Mercy College
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Welcome to Divine Mercy College

Divine Mercy College strives to provide a well - balanced curriculum focusing on academic, spiritual, physical and moral values. We are passionate about following our call from God to provide affordable Catholic Education for our community and to build a stronger dynamic Australia through raising academic excellence and opportunity.

Priority is given to systematic and structured education following West Australian Curriculum. At Divine Mercy, we believe every child is a valued member of the school's community and deserves the very best in all areas of human development.

The ambience of our school projects a small Australian community where diversity is celebrated. Our inclusivity is demonstrated through our strong academic programs, significant population of students whom English is an additional language and substantial intensive English support available as well as a multicultural and internationally experienced staff group.

Divine Mercy College is proud to follow and promote our Catholic values and traditions.  Christ is the beginning and the end in all of our endeavours.  The prime focus of the school is to give all students the best possible opportunities in their further education and to provide a solid moral/spiritual base before they enter the wider community as young adults.

Primary School

Offers a highly structured curriculum based on very solid and systematic textbooks and resources. These textbooks are available in all subjects, from Pre-Primary to Year 10.

Starting from Year 6, all subjects are taught by specialist teachers.

Secondary School

The use of exclusive specialist teaching provides a more rigorous approach to education and marks entry into upper high education and makes entry into upper high school a natural advancement.

Starting from Grade 7 we offer: English, History, Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Computing as separate subjects. Special emphasis is applied to Art, Music, Foreign Languages, Media and Physical Education.


Principal's Message


326 Yangebup Road,


Phone: (08) 9417 3267

Fax: (08) 9417 1502


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